All Youtube intros come with your music selection +  social media handles  (expect text-based intros) 

  • INCLUDES: (15 seconds)

     ⇢ Text-based only- no pics/no videos


  • THE PROCESS: What's needed?
  1.  YouTube channel name 
  2. Audio + timestamp 
  3. What your channel is about (beauty, music, etc.) 
  4. Color scheme 
  5. Any other things you’d like added 
  • Send all the needed information (please send clear/non-distorted photos with NO filter). 

  • Please let us know the TIMESTAMP of the song you would like to use. (If you’re getting an intro + outro please let us know the timestamps for both). 

  •  You will receive a mockup (a sample) via email only to make all of your corrections AT ONCE. Please take your time because once we have your approval there will be additional fees to go back (SEE REVISIONS + WORK) 

  • You will then receive your final copy to your email. 

  • ​The longer you wait to submit your information, the longer the project will take to complete. (Not sending all of the required information will delay the process as well)

  • Our logo will be removed from your order for $25. 


ALSO, PLEASE SEND ALL INFORMATION AT ONCE OR AT LEAST KEEP IT IN THE SAME THREAD. As we have constant emails coming in, we cannot keep up with multiple different emails from one client.  


Please understand that working with SlayedByJade Media that you agree to these terms + conditions.  


Rush Order (3-4 Business Days)
Remove Our Logo
  • There is a 1 (ONE) revision intro/outro policy, meaning, after that 1 revision, a fee of $15 will be charged PER revision and MUST be paid before revisions are made.

    Revisions may take a little longer than the 7-10 business day turnaround time depending on the kinds of revisions that are being made. It’s imperative that you take your time and send all your revisions at once.

    • Changes cannot be made to intros or outro after you've received your final copy. You will have to purchase another order. 

    Having some kind of vision for your brand/graphic is imperative so please keep that in mind when reaching out for services. Having some kind of color theme, color scheme, etc. It's best to have some sort of idea when it comes to your business/graphics. 

    • Please know what it is that you want for your business/graphics as it delays the process if you aren’t vocal about it. 


  • You will receive a mp4 file to your email. 

    • All files stay on hand for 2 weeks (14 DAYS). If you need us to resend a file during those 14 days there will be a $15 fee. 

As your designer, there has to be trust implemented to ensure that your vision will come to life exactly how you pictured it. SlayedByJade Media consistently works to complete orders so we will not have constant contact. However, just because you don't hear from us, does not mean we aren't working on your order. If you've submitted your information, made yu YOUR ORDER IS BEING WORKED ON.


If you have any questions about your order during this time, no problem, shoot us an email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


[Estimated times]


GRAPHICS: 5-10 Business Days

PACKAGES: 7-14 Business Days 

Youtube Packages: 7-14 Business Days

WEBSITES: 2-5 Business Weeks 

ALL PROJECT TURN AROUND TIME ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE DURING HIGH VOLUME & HOLIDAY SEASONS. Although design concepts and revisions might be received on these days, SBJ Media does not work on weekends (Saturday + Sunday) or holidays.


Turn around time does include revisions as well so please be mindful + check your emails. 

Turnaround time does not include prints + shipping. 

• Standard shipping time for all SBJ Media is 5-8 Business Days. 

• Prints will be processed 1 business day after client approval of the project.

• Be sure to double-check your shipping address at checkout! Address changes cannot be made after the purchase is complete.

• SBJ Media is not responsible for any packages after they are shipped via USPS. 

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All projects are subject to a complete 100% non-refundable payment from the client. Please understand that under no circumstance can a refund be given especially after work (including mockups) has been issued and/or labor has begun. 

  • If for any reason the client cancels services, no payment shall be reimbursed and becomes forfeited by the client. Once promotional items have been shipped and delivered, no refund shall be reimbursed unless items are defective or unless there was a mistake made by SBJ Media.