Youtube Policies

Turnaround Time

・BANNERS take 3-5 business days. ・INTROS take 6-7 business days. ・OUTROS take 2-3 business days. ( Not including weekends or holidays)

The Process

・Once you send all the required information, that's when the process will start. ・ You will receive a mockup (a sample) via email only to make all of your corrections. AT ONCE. Please take your time because once we have your approval, we CANNOT go back to make any changes. ・ WE CANNOT GO BACK AND MAKE CHANGES. You will have to purchase another order if you received your final copy. ・ You will then receive your final copy to your email.

Please Read

・ The longer you wait to submit your information, the longer the project will take to complete. ・After 2 weeks, your order will no longer be on file. You will need to pay for another intro. ・After you've received your order, there will be a $20 convenience fee if we have to send it again within those first two weeks. ・Our logo will be removed from your order for $25.

Files To Send

・No filtered pictures allowed at all! ・Filtered videos are acceptable but please send files without filters. ・Please send the CORRECT social media handles and YOUTUBE name.

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